An office, a hotel room, or an apartment with carpeting adds an aesthetic touch to spaces, is highly durable thanks to robust fibers, and contributes to thermal insulation. However, carpeting requires regular cleaning to maintain its clean appearance and ensure a hygienic indoor air quality.

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Our innovative process significantly extends the lifespan of fabrics, whether they are made of natural or synthetic materials. The protective substance of our sealing encapsulates each individual fiber, greatly reducing its absorbency. This means that dirt cannot penetrate, and spilled liquids can be effortlessly removed. Our sealing not only provides protection but also imparts gentle care to your fabrics. It makes the fibers supple without leaving a visible film. The protective coating is completely invisible, yet the results are clearly visible: your fabric can continue to breathe, and its color, texture, and quality are preserved. And by the way, we prioritize environmental conservation. Our products are eco-friendly, and we continuously invest in research and development to not only improve the quality of our products but also minimize our environmental impact. Our priority is to preserve the beauty of your surfaces while protecting the environment.

Regular carpet cleaning for extended lifespan

Through our regular carpet cleaning, your carpets gain extended lifespan. The fiber protection sealing contributes to maintaining a long-lasting and consistent appearance.

Technological advantage for fast cleaning cycles and maximum quality

Thanks to the latest technology and market-leading cleaning machines, we minimize the drying time to an impressive 1.5 hours for upholstery and 3 hours for carpets. High-performance equipment with high water spray pressure and strong suction ensures deep cleaning with minimal residual moisture. No brushing and scrubbing required.

Use of environmentally friendly cleaning agents for sustainability

We use environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning agents. Through regular cleaning and sealing, we double the lifespan of your carpets, eliminating the need for frequent replacements and contributing to sustainability

Effective cleaning treatments for allergy sufferers

Removal of allergens such as dust mites, pollen, and pet hair from carpets. High water temperature up to 110°C during cleaning and specialized cleaning agents for effective deep cleaning with up to 70 bar water pressure.


• High-quality cleaning services
• Outstanding customer service
• Environmentally friendly cleaning methods and products
• Very low residual moisture and short drying times
• High material compatibility
• Service tailored to specific needs and requirements

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